East Point Geo provides independent consultancy in all aspects of terrain, subsurface and soil geoscience to support ground engineering projects offshore and onshore. The company is led by three directors and is supported by a team of high quality associates. The directors have over 50 years’ collective experience in evaluating, problem-solving and guiding clients through geoscience application to ground engineering challenges, with experience from major renewable and oil and gas projects worldwide.

Our geoconsultancy services are centred on the practical application of geology, geophysics, geomorphology, geotechnics and geographic information systems (GIS). We respond efficiently to client demands, integrate seamlessly within larger multidisciplinary teams and have a proven high level of technical expertise. We deliver results by:

  • Prioritising client needs through accurate evaluation of the task and data.
  • Targeting interpretations, analysis and solutions for engineering.
  • Clearly communicating, to allow effective decision making.

East Point Geo was formed following collaborative work by the directors on several major oil and gas projects. The founding ethos is to grow a world leading consultancy that delivers clear answers for engineering projects. We currently have contracts within the UK, Europe, Africa and Asia. The senior-level support from our associates is a testament to the quality and determination that drive the company forward as we continue to apply and grow our solution portfolio.

“East Point Geo is part of OWC – The Renewable Energy Consultants - specialising in the development and delivery of commercial-scale projects globally, in offshore and onshore wind, solar PV, battery energy storage, hydrogen, wave & tidal energy. Learn more: www.owcltd.com

This image shows the Kerinitis Fan Delta in Greece with the Mamusa Pirgaki Fault visible to the left, the modern river valley in the foreground and the Gulf of Corinth in the distance. It is a world class example showing marine fan delta stratigraphy that has been uplifted and eroded to reveal its geology. The East Point Geo directors learnt their trade in environments such as these and continue to apply founding geoscience principles to all their consultancy.