Our core team

Successful team working is at the centre of everything we do. Our core team and highly experienced associates have worked together on numerous major engineering projects, evaluating, problem-solving and guiding clients to deliver successful outcomes to programme and budget.
Dr Andy Mills

Dr Andy Mills

Dr Andy Mills has 20 years’ experience evaluating ground conditions through detailed geomorphological analysis and terrain mapping, guiding clients to successful outcomes in a range of onshore and offshore environments. He is a specialist in geohazard risk assessment, focusing in particular on upland terrains, submarine environments and landslide hazards.
Dr Tom Gray

Dr Tom Gray

Dr Tom Gray has 14 years’ experience in geophysical, geological and geotechnical data interpretation and analysis. With nearly 10 years spent working for an oil major, he has worked through the project engineering cycle on globally-significant offshore projects. With a keen eye for application, he specialises in the integration of geo-data to guide engineering solutions.
David Rushton

David Rushton

David Rushton has 13 years’ experience in geotechnical engineering, geohazard analysis and geospatial data management. He specialises in clear communication of geotechnical data through in-depth knowledge of soil parameters and the innovative presentation of data to enable effective application to ground engineering problems.​
Dr Sarah Taigel

Dr Sarah Taigel

GIS and Fluvial Specialist
Dr Sarah Taigel has over 20 years experience delivering geospatial technologies to a wide range of clients. Sarah has most recently focused on combining fluvial geomorphology with geospatial tools to support the catchment based approach to landscape management. She is experienced in developing citizen science programmes, digital hubs and designing innovative survey techniques.
Hanna Buddell

Hanna Buddell

Office Administrator
Hanna Buddell Cert CII, who joined East Point Geo in April 2019 as Office Administrator, has 10 years’ experience previously working in the insurance industry, dealing with commercial and international clients. Having developed strong administration and organisational experience within a fast-paced environment, she brings a professional and self-starting approach to office oversight, improving business efficiency and effectiveness.
Sean Pearce

Sean Pearce

Senior Engineering Geoscientist
Sean Pearce is a chartered Geologist with over 6 years’ experience working on site characterisation for onshore and offshore developments. With a background in Engineering Geology and Geoscience, he has worked on desk studies, data acquisition, foundation design and geohazard assessments to solve engineering challenges. He has also contributed to planning applications and provided expert witness services in arbitration proceedings.


Denys Brunsden

Professor Denys Brunsden OBE, DSc, FKC (Emeritus Professor, King’s College, London), is an internationally acclaimed geomorphologist and landslide specialist and is a former President of the British Society of Geomorphology, Geographical Association and International Association of Geomorphologists. He has supported major infrastructure projects in the most challenging terrain in mountain, desert, coastal and marine environments. Recognition for his work includes the RH Worth Prize, William Smith Medal and Glossop Medal from the Geological Society of London.

Mike Fiske

Mike Fiske has more than 30 years’ experience in the offshore industry, with senior-level project management experience in all aspects of geophysical surveying and interpretation. He has led break-through projects for oil-majors, bringing a level of guidance and oversight rarely matched with many demonstrable successes for complex engineering projects.

Richard Brewer

Rich Brewer has 20 years’ offshore experience as survey engineer, survey manager, client representative and consultant for oil, gas, renewables and survey companies. With a NEBOSH qualification in International Health and Safety, he has performed technical audits of survey vessels, planned technical survey operations and consulted on the quality, safety and integrity of survey projects for major clients.

Catherine Villaret

Dr Catherine Villaret has 25 years’ experience in sediment transport and coastal process modelling for harbours, renewables and oil & gas projects. She was part of the TELEMAC development team at EDF and is an expert in the modelling of turbulent flow and sediment interactions. She has developed a number of cutting edge techniques including 3-way coupling, bed roughness prediction, long term simulations and uncertainty analysis. ​

Simon Dykes

Simon Dykes has 40 years’ experience in the management, execution and QC of survey projects ranging from small river and inshore surveys to rig positioning, large offshore geophysical surveys and oilfield developments, many in remote areas. Simon has also worked on large civil engineering projects including the Thames Flood Barrier in London and the Melbourne to Sydney onshore gas pipeline.

Mark Higson

Mark Higson has over 20 years’ experience in offshore site investigation, including survey design, acquisition, data QC and interpretation. Having represented numerous clients globally, he has a track record of matching data acquisition to engineering requirements and keeping a close eye on contractor performance and deliverables.

Dr Mark Lee

Dr Mark Lee is one of the world’s leading engineering geomorphologists and geohazard risk specialists. He has nearly 40 years’ experience in coastal engineering and the oil and gas industry, specialising in quantitative risk assessment, terrain evaluation, landslides and coastal cliff recession. Mark has undertaken pioneering work in geohazard risk assessment and is an expert in communicating, quantifying and mitigating georisks.